Cazzat is a planet in the Goyana system. It is primarily swampland. There are sections of developed land inhabited by various humanoid species common to the environment. This is notably the home planet of D'Kcsst Fentway.

Inhabited AreasEdit

There are three main developed areas of the planet, not including unrecorded small tribes or settlements. Each area is of varying size and has one major capital. By Earth standards the capitals would be between third world and second world. Some big business, but not incredibly wealthy and not super developed. There are a number of villages and smaller settlements around this major capital.

The overall population is approximately 20 million people.

Different Sentient SpeciesEdit

Uninhabited AreasEdit

About half of the planet is open water. Much of the rest of it is uncharted swampland, marshland, etc. These contain many different species of beasts, some hostile but most docile.

Indigenous SpeciesEdit

This planet is home to the notorious Cazzat Swamp Beasts.

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