D'Kcsst Fentway







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Tumulus III


Field Agent (Tactical Planning/Demolitions)


Cartography, Tactical Planning, Explosive Devices

D'kcsst "Fentway" Fntwzzlt is a member of the New Hirschfeld Espionage Agency and part of the agency's top team of agents, known as The Trio. He is called Fentway for simplicity's sake, due to the lack of vowels in his real name. His two best friends and teammates are Selena Pyle and Xompar Gyross. He is quiet but friendly. On occasion he can be very emotional.

Early LifeEdit

Fentway was born on the planet Cazzat to his parents, G'wzzb Fntwzzlt and Lsskrl Fntwzzlt. He lived in one of the larger villages on the planet, but it was still fairly poor place to live. His parents wanted him to do great things in his life, so they set up a secret trust fund and gave it to him on his 18th birthday. He was hesitant to take their money but they insisted and he did.


At 18 he enrolled in the NHEA Young Agent's Program, thanks to the trust fund, and served as an intern to The Trio of the time. He is now part of the trio and does the tactical planning, organization, and explosions, should they be required.

Personal LifeEdit

He is, like, totally in love with Selena but doesn't have the guts to tell her.


Fentway's real name, D'kcsst Fntwzzlt, lacks vowels when translated to the English, due to the native language of Cazzat. On his arrival to Tumulus III, the customs officials anglicized his name to "Darrick Fentway" due to both mishearing his name and being stupid. The trio call him Fentway because they like the way it sounds. The french have been known to turn his name into "D'anton" (see Jean LeGeoff).

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