Solar System


Uninhabited (officially), but Inhabited



Mean Radius

6,371.0 km

Mean Surface Temperature

14 °C (287.2 K)

Earth I is a planet in the Solar system. It is the planet on which Humans originally evolved and lived. Between 2320 and 2325 - World War Five - much of modern civilization was destroyed. By using salvaged tech and sending help requests sent to nearby planets, much of the remaining human population managed to evacuate Earth I by 2381. They landed on what they thought was an uninhabited planet in the Goyana system. The humans still stranded on the Earth continued to survive by seeking out the areas not irradiated or destroyed and setting up villages there. The race is currently still surviving on the planet, though few know. The Earth II government denies it. Most believe the ships that crash on Earth I are a result of horrific space monsters, but in fact they are either pulled in by magnetic fields or anti-spacecraft guns constructed by the humans from other crashed ships or salvaged tech.

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