Selena Pyle







Home Planet

Medius II

Current Planet

Tumulus III


Field Agent (Electronics/Mechanics/etc.)


Programming, Building, Fixing

Selena Pyle is a member of the New Hirschfeld Espionage Agency and part of the agency's top team of agents, known as The Trio. Her two best friends and teammates are D'Kcsst Fentway and Xompar Gyross. She is often sarcastic and rude, mostly to appear tough and worthy of her position, but underneath is a genuinely pleasant person.

Early LifeEdit

Selena was born on the planet Medius II to her parents. She took after her father, who was a mechanic, because he didn't have a son to carry on the business. Selena helped around her father's business but was offered an internship at NHEA and eventually decided to take it.

She was supposed to have a twin brother, but he was stillborn. As such her parents are very attached to her and they are sad that she lives several planets away. She visits them often. Her father treats her a lot like a son, because he always wanted a son to carry on the family business and name.


At 18 she enrolled in the NHEA Young Agent's Program, and served as an intern to The Trio of the time. She is now part of the trio and works with computers, and maintains their tech and van

Personal LifeEdit

She is, like, totally in love with Xompar but doesn't have the guts to tell him.

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